Group Class
Maximum: 10 Students

Pilates Group classes are a great way to enhance overall physical condition, strength and flexibility. They are suitable for people of all ages and ability levels. All exercises build strength and mobility throughout the body with emphasis on the muscles that support the spine, pelvis and shoulders. Focus on abdominal and back muscles is an integral part of every class- the bonus being that as your midriff becomes more toned and supported; your posture and balance improve. A variety of small equipment is utilized such as: resistance bands, exercise balls, rolls, fitness circles, and weighted balls.

Pre Natal Post Natal
Maximum: 10 Students

Pre-Natal Pilates’ exercises are designed to improve and support changing posture. Focus is placed upon gentle strengthening and toning of the muscles used to carry the growing baby; reducing stress and back and hip pain. In addition, exercises help to prepare the body for an easier labour and a quicker recovery after delivery.

Private & Semi-Private Instruction

Private training programs are tailored to meet the needs, goals and abilities of each individual. Beneficial for: body conditioning, enhancing athletic performance, weight loss, injury recovery, or improving ones form in a group class. Sessions are closely guided adjusting as needed to improve form and function for precision, safety and maximum efficiency. Specialized Pilates equipment and small apparatus or props are utilized.














Pre | Post Natal
Private Semi-Private
$50 Unlimited Week of Group Classes
$120 Unlimited Month of Group Classes
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